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The Big Idea: How can Tobacco Help Treat Ebola?
As public health workers fight to stop the spread of ebola, an ASU researcher approaches the problem from an unexpected angle and makes a major breakthrough. Produced by Kirk Davis for the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development at Arizona State University. "The Big Idea" is a recurring, scripted series with on-camera host explores cutting-edge science and its applications for the future. I designed the series, wrote and produced the episode, shot, edited, designed, and implemented most of the animations.

More Big Ideas

Emmy® Nominated, 2015
Telly award winner, 2015

The FDA recently ordered the removal of the persistent chemical Triclosan from antibacterial soaps. Rolf Halden, a researcher at Biodesign Institute and leading advocate for this change, was interviewed in the New York Times. He was also the subject of my recent Emmy (R) nominated documentary "Contami-Nation!" Watch the excerpt above.

To watch the complete 30 minute documentary, click here.

The Worth of Water
Telly award winner, 2015

The story of the American West is a story of water, and of our Herculean efforts to capture and spread that water across an arid landscape. As our western cities continue to grow, however, we need to find ways to curb our thirst. In this mini-documentary, ASU researchers talk about the West's water history, our current situation, and some social and technological options for the future.

Watch the Trailer (above) or click here to see the 30-minute documentary.

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